Naaman… From Leprosy to Life 

When we read the incident of Naaman (2 Kings 5 : 1-19) who suffered from Leprosy, we learn three major lessons. 

1) Forgiveness 

2) Humility 

3) Persistence 

Let’s take it point by point. 

1) Forgiveness ~ in the above incident we see Naaman conquered the Israelites and enslaved people and carried away them as captives. 

One of them was a young Israelite girl, who worked as a slave. 

She served Naaman and his wife and knew her master suffered from Leprosy. 

She could have kept grudge in her mind, and would have told herself that Naaman deserved his sickness. 

She was separated from her family her parents. She had all the reasons to be angry. 

But we see a total Christian attitude here she shows her master the way to get complete healing. 

How many of us would do that? 

I guess none of us. 

This girl’s forgiving attitude led to the healing of Naaman. 

This girl’s attitude of forgiveness led Naaman to meet the one true God.  

Let’s forgive someone may be we might end up leading them to the salvific love of Jesus. 

2) Humility ~ we see Naaman was a man of power, he was good in the sight of man and God. So much so that God gave Naaman victory over Israel (God’s chosen people). 

If we read the incident we’ll see that he was a high ranking official. People respected him.

People feared him. He has dignity, self-esteem, and all the prestige one needs in power. 


As adviced by the young Israelite servant girl, Naaman went to meet Elisha the prophet. 

Elisha told Naaman go dip in the Jordan 7 times. 

Now Jordan was the dirtiest river of that time. 

Questions that Naaman would have thought.. 

a. These Israelites are taking revenge because I just conquered their land. 

b. I’m powerful and a well to do man, I have money and power. Why should I go dip in the Jordan? 

c. These people will think that I am bowing down to them at last. 

But at the end, Naaman agrees to go and dip in the river Jordan. 

Result is that Naaman is healed. 

Sometimes we don’t receive answers to our prayers is because we’re no willing to be humble. 

Humility will lead to an answered prayer. 

3.  PERSISTENCE ~ the most important aspect of today’s Christian faith is Persistence. 

Naaman agreed to dip in the river Jordan. 

The moment he started to dip, Naaman saw no improvement. His Leprosy was same. 

Naaman could have quit after dipping 4-5 times because it didn’t work. 

Even after the 6th dip he could have quit,  thinking what difference will one dip make when 6 dips didn’t.

I believe the 7th dip is the miracle dip. 

Naaman was persistent till he completed his 7 dips. 

Result is Naaman got healed. 

Many Christians quit sometimes after the first dip and some after the 6th not knowing they were just one dip away from their miracle. 

We don’t know when our 7th dip will come, all I can say is don’t quit till you get your miracle. 

Persistence is the secret key to closed doors. 


If this message touched you please forward it. 


Emmanuel Ministries. 

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